Hi, I'm Natasha Kiddle!

Kiddle's Arts, Crafts & Performing Arts was born with the sole purpose of providing fun & solace to the community ( and me) via the arts! 

As a  late 30 (something) creative, I noticed like a lot of people during lock-down, that I had somewhat abandoned my passion for the arts. I had gone from  being an incredibly active member of the arts community in my 20's, with an up-beat, passionate outlook on life, to a tired & slightly unfulfilled person swallowed up by the giant rat-race of  London work commutes & emails...ahhh! 

In my teens & 20's I had successfully achieved an honours in Guildhall's Acting grade 8, a first class Degree in Fine Art from Middlesex University, appeared in a number of exhibitions & performances and worked as a TV Extra & Session singer.  In 2021 I took the scary leap out of the London Business world and jumped head first back into all things creative.  Teaching Drama & Performing arts to children of all ages, hosting school workshops & facilitating Arts & Crafts party's to children and adults!

I have learned that creative freedom and expression are at the very heart of everything! Having fun, feeling young, staying connected to your inner child and most importantly achieving mental calm, after all what is the point if you are not doing these things?!

As a child & young adult, I connected with my grandmother over her sewing machine, with my mother at her community dance classes, with friends during performing arts classes & myself whilst working on personal arts projects. The arts even supported me by offering me escapism and an alternative learning method whilst struggling with ADHD & Dyslexia in school.

I hope to provide children & adults with every opportunity to  have as much fun connecting & learning via arts as I do!

Tash x